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"Can I get rid of my double chin with chin correction surgery?"

ZocdocAnswersCan I get rid of my double chin with chin correction surgery?


I am a 33 year old man with a double chin. It makes me feel very old. Can I get rid of it with this surgery?


There are some surgical techniques that may be available to help you out, however it is difficult to tell you exactly which would be best for your particular case. Thus I would definitely recommend a consultation with a facial plastics surgeon to discuss your concerns and your options. In general there are a few ways to address the chin. If the chin is underprojected, this can be augmented with advancing the bone, or by placing an implant (genioplasty). This may help in a minor way with a double chin, but it may be necessary to do other procedures to address the "double chin". Usually the fullness that results in a double chin is from excess subcutaneous fat. This can be addressed with liposuction to decrease the bulk of the fat which may get rid of your "double chin" without having to do anything else. However, there can be other issues (such as excess skin, a blunted cervico mental angle, etc) that might need to be addressed at that same time which goes beyond the scope of this discussion. I hope that this helps some. I would definitely recommend a facial plastics consultation. Best of luck.

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