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"Will my chiropractor tell me how often I need to see him at my follow up?"

ZocdocAnswersWill my chiropractor tell me how often I need to see him at my follow up?


I threw out my back and consulted a chiropractor. How often will I need to see her? I am a 46 year old man who lives along so I want to make sure I can get around OK.


Yes. The initial appointment to a chiropractor will involve a brief counseling session, a brief review of your other medical history, a review of your symptoms and how they are affecting you, and possibly some imaging such as xrays that may be needed by your chiropractor to reach a diagnosis. There is often some therapy performed at the first visit as well, and so the total time of the first visit is usually about 45 minutes or so. Future visits will be shorter, averaging about 15 minutes or so, depending on the needs that you have going forward. While the treatment will vary based on your response, your chiropractor will go over what he or she anticipates will be required for a complete recovery. It is also important, given the fact that you live alone, that you include other main-stream health professionals in addition to the alternative approach offered by chiropractors. Your primary care doctor can coordinate further appointments with specialists as needed, and can also offer pain control options that might be valuable during your recovery. Physical therapy and other strengthening exercises, when added to the effects of weight loss if needed, can also help to prevent this in the future.

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