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"Is chondrosarcoma deadly?"

ZocdocAnswersIs chondrosarcoma deadly?


I am 28 and was diagnosed with chondrosarcoma. Is there a chance I can recover?


First of all, I am very sorry to hear that you are dealing with a diagnosis of cancer. This can be a difficult time for you, and it is important that you involve your family and your primary care doctor (or other doctors you trust) in the decision making process. Chondrosarcoma is a relatively rare type of cancer caused by the abnormal proliferation of cartilage-making cells. I cannot tell you easily what the type of treatment that you will need is nor what your chances are for a full recovery. This is because chondrosarcomas vary a lot from one person to the next, and deciding how dangerous the cancer is and what treatment is needed depends on the pathology from the biopsy. A "high grade" cancer is more likely to metastasize and be difficult to treat, whereas a "low grade" cancer is more easy to treat. Fortunately, there are more "low grade" chondrosarcomas than their are "high grade" ones. For most chondrosarcomas, the mainstay of treatment is taking the tumor out surgically. Radiation therapy and chemotherapy (medications to kill the cancer) are not frequently used in most cases. Talk to your cancer doctors to have more of your questions about treatment answered.

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