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"I have a strange bump on the back left side of my wrist. What could this be?"

ZocdocAnswersI have a strange bump on the back left side of my wrist. What could this be?


It is about the size of a penny. It is located on the left side of my wrist...on the back side of my wrist. I just noticed it tonight and I applied a bit of pressure to it to see if it bothered me. Prior to applying pressure, it did not hurt. It now does.


One possibility, if you are just noticing this for the first time, is that this is simply a normal bump located on one of the bones in your wrist. We often discover various lumps and bumps that are actually totally normal but that we have just never noticed before. The best thing of course is to keep an eye on the area and to report it to your primary care doctor if you notice, for example, that there is more pain or if it is growing in size. Another possibility would be a ganglion cyst. These are structures that grow off of the connective tissue surrounding the tendons in the wrist. They are often hard but slightly rubbery in texture. They are totally benign and do not need treatment. In fact, many ganglion cysts gradually disappear over a period of months to years. However, some ganglion cysts actually grow in size; this can be a problem because they can cause discomfort and because they can be cosmetically unattractive. In these causes, ganglion cysts can sometimes be removed surgically by a hand surgeon. Unfortunately, there is always the risk that the cyst will just come back again after removal. Talk to your primary care doctor if you have further concerns.

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