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How do clotting disorders affect pregnancy?

I am 26 and pregnant. I have a clotting disorder and want to know how this will affect my pregnancy. Will my child be OK?
Anyone with a clotting disorder (or other potentially serious medical conditions, for that matter) who is pregnant needs to be in close communication with her OB/GYN on a routine basis, and understand symptoms to look for of anything that could be serious. While there are many levels of clotting disorders, some of which are relatively minor, and others of which are not compatible with a successful pregnancy, it is important for you to understand your unique risk and how likely you are to be successful with this pregnancy. It is worth considering whether or not you should be followed by a high risk pregnancy obstetrician, who specializes in complicated pregnancies such as yours could potentially be. Additionally, the services of a hematologist could prove invaluable as part of a team that could help you during the next few months. Please discuss with both of these what the risks are to both you and to your future baby, and what can be done to minimize the risks to both. Modern medicine is able to do amazing things, and many women with clotting disorders of even the most serious variety are able to have healthy babies with the proper guidance and medical management.
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