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"Can contact lenses cause eye infections?"


I am a 25-year-old woman about to get her first pair of contact lenses. My question is this: will it make eye infections more likely? I do not want to get infections.


Eye infections are more common in people who wear contacts. However, most of the time these infections occur because they contacts are not properly care for or cleaned. Therefore, the most important thing to do when preparing to wear contacts is to listen closely to the cleaning instructions that your eye doctor gives you for your contacts.

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Each type and brand of contact is different in terms of the recommended cleaning frequency. In fact there are some 'daily use' contacts that require no cleaning at all, because they are thrown away at the end of every day. However, if you are not using these kind of contacts, then you will need to follow the cleaning regimen given to you by your doctor. Most infections occur because contact users either are wearing old contacts for prolonged periods of time or they are leaving the contacts in for too long between cleaning times. Additionally, it will be important to follow your eye doctor's recommendation for at least yearly general eye health checkups. At these visits, your eye doctor will make sure there are no other complications from wearing contacts, such as scratches or irritation of the cornea or other structures of the eye.

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