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"How often do I need to clean my contact lenses?"

ZocdocAnswersHow often do I need to clean my contact lenses?


I'm 31 and just got contacts. They tell me I should clean them daily, but is this required? Can I clean them every other day?


If your eye doctor has told you that you need to clean your contact lenses daily, then this is what you need to do. Each brand and type of contact is different. There are contacts that are thrown away and replaced every day, and these obviously do not require cleaning. Also, there are other contacts which can be left in your eye for days at a time and do not require daily cleaning either, except at the periodic recommended interval. However, if your eye doctor told you that you need to clean your contacts daily, then this means that you do not have one of these types of contacts, and you need to follow their instructions. The danger of not cleaning your contacts as recommended is two fold. First, bacteria or fungus can get into the contacts and causes a serious eye infection, which can lead to inflammation and even scarring of the cornea of the eye and blindness. Second, protein deposits can build up on the surface of the lens, which can irritate the eye and lead to scratching of the cornea (and permanent damage). If you have any further questions about how to take care of your contacts, call your eye doctor.

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