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"Is a scratched cornea a significant cornea problem?"

ZocdocAnswersIs a scratched cornea a significant cornea problem?


I scratched my cornea. I am told it will heal allr ight. Will there be any after effects?


The cornea is the outer layer of tissue that covers your eye ball and the inner part of your eye lid. It is very delicate tissue, and prone to being damaged by foreign material that can become lodged in the eye and then rubbed, or by direct trauma itself. As the cornea is extremely well innervated, it is very sensitive to injury, and will be very painful, often causing an inability to open the eye completely and a sensation of still having something in the eye. The first key is to be seen by your doctor to make sure that there was no penetration beyond the superficial surface of the eye. Your doctor will do some simple tests to confirm this, and will then send you to an ophthalmologist if more is required. If the injury is superficial and your vision is stable from before the injury, you will be given an antibiotic ointment or drops and might or might not be told to follow up with your doctor. If you notice white spots or patches on your eye, or feel that your vision is getting worse, you should see a doctor immediately. Otherwise, by following the advice of your doctor you should expect an excellent recovery.

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