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"Can antibiotic eye drops treat a corneal injury?"

ZocdocAnswersCan antibiotic eye drops treat a corneal injury?


Hi. I'm a 35 year old guy and I scratched my cornea. They've given me antibiotic eye drops. Will this be enough?


For the majority of corneal abrasion injuries, it is acceptable to treat them with antibiotic eye drops after a physical examination and vision testing demonstrates that there are no other complications. Your doctor will have advised you that you should speak to him or her immediately if there are any changes in your vision or the development of white or hazy spots on your eye, as these might require further treatment. Otherwise, your doctor might or might not have recommended follow up for an uncomplicated corneal injury. The cornea is very well innervated, and injuries are thus very painful. You will often feel that you are unable to open your eye completely, or that there is still a foreign body in the eye itself. As the cornea is so thin and delicate, it is very easy to injury. Fortunately, the recovery is typically excellent as long as there is no bacterial superinfection, which is why your doctor prescribed the antibiotic drops. Again, please be diligent in completing your course of treatment, and speak to your doctor if you notice any other vision changes or other complications. You can otherwise anticipate an excellent recovery if so advised by your doctor.

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