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"What dangers will I be told about at my craniofacial consultation?"


I would like to have craniofacial surgery. I'm currently 22 and male. What are the dangers of this type of surgery?


Craniofacial surgery encompasses a large range of many different surgical procedures. In general, most of them are invasive and are not usually recommended unless there is a medical need. Given the obvious functional (as well as aesthetic) aspects of the head and neck, it is important to understand the potential risks of your surgery and have realistic expectations about the possible efficacy and drawbacks of your particular surgery.

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Furthermore, you will need to have a reason for the surgery, as most surgeons will need to be able to document a need in order to proceed. Some of the many risks associated with any craniofacial surgery would thus encompass the functions of the involved area that is to be treated. Depending on which specific area is targeted, these could include difficulty with breathing, eating, moving the face fully, and sinus questions. The only person that will be able to answer these questions in any detail is your surgeon, with whom it is important to be open and frank about your goals. Please speak to a head and neck surgeon (AKA an ear-nose and throat surgeon aka otolaryngologist), plastic surgeon, or an oromaxillofacial surgeon (aka OMFS) to discuss treatment in more detail.

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