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"Will my critical care consultation address transportation services?"

ZocdocAnswersWill my critical care consultation address transportation services?


I will need critical care after my surgery and I am worried about transportation. Will this be discussed? I am a 49 year old male and I live by myself.


Dealing with surgery and critical illness can be very stressful. In order for you to move ahead with your planned surgery with peace of mind about the details, you should definitely make sure you discuss your concerns with your surgical team. Different hospitals will deal with patient's social needs differently, and part of the care you will need depends on the exact nature of the procedure you are having. However, before a patient is discharged from the hospital--and certainly after any kind of surgery involving post-operative intensive care--there is a detailed evaluation of the patient's physical needs (i.e. are they able to deal with basic activities of daily living at home) and ability to get to needed follow-up appointments. Organizing this kind of care is typically a multidisciplinary process involving the members of your medical team, the nursing staff, inpatient physical and occupation therapists, social workers, and the care coordinator nurses who help set up any home services a patient might need. The care coordinators are also responsible for working with your insurance company to make sure you get the right kind of care at home. Much of this level of care will be determined by how you are doing after your surgery, but you can discuss your concerns with your surgeon before surgery and he or she can provide more information about how this process works at your hospital.

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