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"Are there critical care follow up clinics?"


I'm 29 and feeling self conscious about my critical care follow up. Will it take place in a dedicated clinic?


The way this works depends a lot on which hospital network or primary care network you are in. The basic idea, though, is that after recovering from a serious life threatening illness, which fortunately you have, you may still be extremely debilitated physically or dealing with the long term consequences of the illness and its treatments while you were in the intensive care unit. The goal of critical care follow up is to help you return to as normal a life as possible as quickly as possible.

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Because of this, a team based multidisciplinary approach is common. This could involve your primary care doctor, but probably also involves some specialist doctors such as a pulmonologist (lung doctor) or cardiologist (heart doctor). Other team members who may be involved include social workers, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech therapists, among others. Again I am not sure what the actual clinic will look like because this varies a lot depending on where you live and what hospital you go to. But, at least, this is an explanation of what the purpose of the follow up is. I highly recommend that you keep this appointment, because it is an important part of your return to a normal life.

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