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"How will a critical care follow up help me?"

ZocdocAnswersHow will a critical care follow up help me?


I am a 34 year old woman and my critical care follow up is in one week. How will this follow up help me and what will we discus?


If you have been treated in a critical care unit (often also referred to as an intensive care unit), you have likely been through a complicated medical issue in the recent past. As your question does not address this medical history, we will only discuss generalities in this reply. Any follow up is designed to make sure that you are recovering appropriately and that there are no new concerns that need to be addressed to optimize your overall well being. Spending time in an ICU generally indicates that your condition was serious, and so your physician will want to make sure that you are not showing signs that indicate that you might need further care. Additionally, your doctor will adjust medications, answer your questions, and offer an outline of future therapies. He or she will suggest what your healthy recovery might include, so that you can have realistic expectations during this difficult recovery period. Finally, your doctor will update the list of things that you can and cannot do, such as resuming exercise or other physical activities. Please be open with your surgeon and discuss your concerns directly to make sure that you are able to recover fully.

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