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"How will the dentist fit crowns onto my teeth?"

ZocdocAnswersHow will the dentist fit crowns onto my teeth?


I understand that crowns go on top of teeth but how does the dentiste know how to fit them? I'm only getting the one crown but I don't want that tooth to look different from the others.


Crowns are a complicated but common dental procedure that can be recommended to treat certain types of diseased or damaged teeth. In order to fit them properly, they require the removal of a certain amount of the underlying tooth, including the potential removal of otherwise healthy enamel. The unfortunate fact is that all materials available for reconstruction are inferior to what we were born with, that is, replacement of enamel will be done with some product that is not likely to last as long or perform quite as well. For that reason, the decision to crown a tooth is one that will require the input of a qualified dentist or oral surgeon. Even so, there may be some variability between practitioners regarding the appropriate placement of a crown. As for aesthetics, it is common for the dentist to prepare the tooth to be crowned during one procedure, then make a mold. After that mold has been completed, the patient will be given a temporary cap that will then be replaced with a new crown modeled after the mold, usually after about 1-2 weeks. Please speak to your dentist about the specifics of how your new crown will affect your appearance.

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