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"What do I wear to a coronary CTA?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat do I wear to a coronary CTA?


Hello. I am a 38 year old woman. Should I wear special clothing to my coronary CTA? Will they change me into a gown?


There is no special clothing that you need to wear to a CTA. I would recommend wearing whatever you're most comfortable in. You will generally be changed into a hospital gown for the scan. A CTA is a Computed tomography scan which focuses on blood vessels (Computed Tomography Angiogram). During the test, the radiology technician will inject contrast into an IV during the scan, which will help visualize the vessels that are being studied. I would recommend against wearing too many metals (necklaces, bracelets, etc). The reason for this is that metallic objects tend to scatter and distort the image somewhat. In all likelihood, you may be asked to take them off jewelry before the scan. A coronary CTA is generally used to study the blood vessels that feed the heart and may find abnormalities such as a blockage or an aneurysm. It is very important that you schedule a follow up appointment with your Cardiologist (or the physician who ordered the test) to discuss any relevant findings of the coronary CTA. Make sure to ask questions about anything that is puzzling to you on the test, if there are abnormal findings. Discuss any further testing that may be needed, or treatment options with your cardiologist to ensure appropriate care.

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