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"Is gingivitis detectable with a CT scan of my teeth?"

ZocdocAnswersIs gingivitis detectable with a CT scan of my teeth?


My gums bleed almost every day. Is this gingivitis? Will a CT scan show if it's gingivitis? I am 30 and have scheduled a dentist appointment.


Talk to your dentist tomorrow. A CT scan is not necessary to diagnose gingivitis, which is an inflammation of the gum line that is usually caused by infection with bacteria. A CT scan is not necessary because gingivitis is easily diagnosed by visual inspection of the gums, something that your dentist or primary care doctor will be able to do. A small amount of gum bleeding can be normal, as trauma from flossing and brushing can do this. However, as you note, if gingivitis is present, this bleeding can be more pronounced or even excessive. If your dentist finds evidence of gingivitis, they will discuss treatment options with you. If the cause of your gingivitis is poor oral hygiene, then a good deep cleaning as well as more regular flossing and brushing will probably do the trick. If your dentist does not find any cause for the gum bleeding, then you should talk to your primary care doctor. This is because, rarely, gum bleeding can be a sign of a bleeding disorder. This is especially true if you have any other signs of easy bruising or bleeding, such as bruising of the skin or blood in the urine or in the bowel movements.

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