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"Will my cytopathology follow up explain my urinary infections?"

ZocdocAnswersWill my cytopathology follow up explain my urinary infections?


I am a 30 year old female with frequent urinary infections. I would like to hear the results of my test at my cytopathology follow up. Will they be able to tell me why I'm having these infections?


I assume that by cytopathology, you mean that you just had a pap smear. Pap smears are used to screen for cervical cancer by detecting changes in the cells that cover the cervix. As such, a pap smear would not specifically tell you anything about why you have urinary tract infections. Sometimes, a sexually transmitted infection will be picked up at the time of the pap smear, and this may be associated with symptoms like those of a urinary tract infection. However, it sounds like you really need to talk to your primary care doctor or your OB GYN doctor. First off, it will be important to verify that these symptoms you are having are in fact due to infections, as there are some other conditions, such as interstitial cystitis that can mimic infections. If they turn out to be infections, then it will be important to figure out how to prevent them. In addition to practicing good hygiene, it is important not to engage in vaginal douching as this predisposes to infection. Also many women contract infections after sexual intercourse, so making sure to void immediately after intercourse can be helpful. Talk to your primary care doctor for more suggestions.

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