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"Do I need a dental follow up after getting dental implants?"

ZocdocAnswersDo I need a dental follow up after getting dental implants?


I;m 35 and had a few dental implants installed. Do I need a dental follow up? What will they check for?


As with most surgical and medical procedures, dental procedures will require appropriate follow up, generally within a few weeks of the initial procedure. The general purpose of these will be to make sure that you are recovered well, and that the implants are positioned and performing as they should be. Your dentist will ask you if you have any questions, concerns, or complaints about the procedure so far. He or she will look at your implants to make sure that they are not causing irritation to the surrounding tissue, that the inflammation and swelling from the procedure is resolving, and to make sure that the surrounding areas of your oral cavity are healthy and doing well. For most procedures, this single follow up is sufficient. After that, your dentist will, of course, want to continue seeing you at regular 6 month intervals for the appropriate cleaning and preventive health examinations that are necessary to keep your mouth in top condition. We are learning more and more that oral health is related to the overall health of the whole individual, including things as important as heart disease. Please follow up as directed by your dentist, and discuss your questions and results with him or her fully.

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