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"What will my dental follow up be like after getting my braces removed?"


I got braces at a late age, 28 and will finally get them off. Are there things they'll look for at my follow up after they're gone?


Most follow ups after any medical or dental procedure revolve around a few key features: your orthodontist will want to assess the overall cosmetic and functional results of his or her work, see if there are any problem areas, and address any concerns that you might have. Additionally, he or she will give you further tips on how to care for your beautiful smile to make sure that it stays just as beautiful as ever. Most often, an orthodontist will also want to visit with you in the future to make sure that your mouth remains stable and that your dental retainer is being effective.

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The dental retainer will usually need to be worn consistently after removing your dentures, as it is a valuable part of keeping your teeth in the cosmetic and functionally correct position. Your dentist or orthodontist will go over all of this with you in detail. Also, he or he will address any questions that you might have about caring for your teeth. Finally, your orthodontist will continue to advocate for excellent oral hygiene, including biannual teeth cleaning with a dentist or hygienist to make sure that your preventive care remains excellent in the future.

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