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"What will be discussed at my dermatological follow up?"


My dermatological follow up is in a week. What will they talk to me about? They checked out my skin and said I had a fungus growing on my back.


In general, and follow up appointment will be used to discuss any new information that might have come to light in the interim, as well as to either confirm how a previously started treatment is going so far, or to initiate a new course of therapy (such as a new medication). Your dermatologist will also want to know if you have had any new concerns, questions, symptoms, or anything else that might be a reason to alter what you have been doing thus far. Often, the second visit will include results of any testing that was done at the previous appointment.

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Usually, it is a chance for both parties to bring the increased information that is available with the passage of time and testing so that everyone can be on the same page and identify which course of action will be the best. If you have a fungus, your doctor will likely discuss the advantages of topical and systemic anti-fungal therapy, and then make a recommendation tailored to you. He or she will also give you advice to be able to avoid this infection in the future, and review any questions that you might have thought of in the interim.

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