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"Will I be told about the mole that was biopsied at my dermatological follow up?"


I'm a 29 year old female college professor. I had a mole biopsied a little while ago and am going in for a follow up. What should I expect to be told? Do they make everyone come in for their results?


While it is easy to be nervous when you are meeting with a physician to find out the results of any medical test, it is important to understand what awaits you. As the practice varies from doctor to doctor, it is impossible to say if your specific dermatologist calls everyone in for their results, or if it is just to deliver bad news (although his or her receptionist might offer that information). Usually his or her office will go over what the follow up plan is at the initial appointment, which can help to alleviate the concerns that you seem to be having at this point.

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The fortunate/unfortunate fact of the 21st century is that we have an incredible amount of knowledge available that can heighten our fears. Online resources can be vary valuable, but they do require a certain amount of context. In your specific situation, your personal and family history of serious skin lesions, as well as your personal and family medical history, should help you to understand whether or not your mole is likely to be a medical problem or a benign nevus, and will hopefully help to alleviate your concerns to some degree. At your next consultation, it would be advisable to clarify follow up expectations.

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