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"How long will it take my deviated nose septum to heal?"

ZocdocAnswersHow long will it take my deviated nose septum to heal?


I'm 19 and was injured playing football. How long will it take my nose to heal?


Football can be a rough sport, and you seem to have found that out first hand, unfortunately. The answer to your question is very dependent on what specific injury you sustained. If you fractured your nose, then the displaced bone is not going to align itself again without additional help, possibly including surgery. This means that you could have a long term deviation of your nose. If you are, instead, asking how long until the pain will subside but have no visible injury, that is an answer that can be given in generalities only as well, but will likely improve significantly over the first week. If the pain continues, then you should speak with an ear-nose-and throat surgeon (aka otolaryngologist), who will be able to examine you fully. As the body does a great job of healing itself, but not such a great job of moving broken things back into place, you should speak with an ENT if you feel that your septum is deviated. Two common reasons for nose surgery after trauma include cosmetic dissatisfaction, which you seem to have, as well as difficulty breathing through your nose, which you don't mention. Please see an ENT for more information and treatment options.

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