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"Will my diabetes go away if I start eating right?"


Im 27 and have been diagnosed with diabetes. Will this go away if I start eating well? Can I give my child diabetes if I still have diabetes when I get pregnant?


The answer depends on the type of diabetes you have. Type I diabetes and intermediate forms of diabetes are characterized by needing insulin injections in order to be under control. These forms of diabetes, although more rare, are unlikely to respond to dieting.

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Assuming you have type II diabetes, which is the type most commonly diagnosed in your age group, then there is a good chance that you can control your diabetes, at least in part if you make a concerted effort to eat right, exercise regularly, and lose weight. Many people just beginning with diabetes are successful with these approaches. This does not "cure" the diabetes however, it simply gets it under control. You will still be at risk later in life (of if you ever stop eating right or gain weight) of having the diabetes worsen or of having to start diabetes medications. Pregnancy does tend to worsen diabetes, and mothers who are diabetic need to be very careful with their diabetes control. You cannot give diabetes to your baby, but babies born to mothers with diabetes are at higher risk of many problems, including certain birth defects. You will have to work closely with your OB GYN doctor to minimize these risks.

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