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"Can weight loss help me get rid of my diabetes?"


I am a very heavy 30 year old male. I have diabetes and am trying to lose weight. Will this help my diabetes? Will it help in a noticable way?


Diabetes is a very common disease that is affecting more and more of our society as we all gain weight. While losing weight will never remove the fact that you have diabetes, it plays a definite role in improving your well being. Some people are able to manage their diabetes completely with exercise and healthy diet choices after losing weight, meaning that they do not require medications to keep their blood sugar regulated.

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These people have the additional benefit of not being as prone to the many other diseases that can accompany obesity, and thus generally have a much higher quality of life. It is important to clarify that there are two types of diabetes. Type I diabetes is acquired when you are young, and these people require insulin injections because their pancreas is not functioning properly, if at all. Type II diabetes is more common, and associated with obesity and increasing age. The body stops responding to insulin as well, and your pancreas eventually stops making as much as it. Exercise can make the body respond to insulin better, and weight loss/healthy diet can decrease the body's need for it in such large quantities. Please work with your doctor to manage your weight and diabetes in a healthy manner.

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