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"Will my diabetes follow up detail long term management of my disease?"

ZocdocAnswersWill my diabetes follow up detail long term management of my disease?


I'm 33 year old man who now has diabetes. Will they tell me about long term management at my follow up? Will I be updated as I age?


Because diabetes is a chronic disease, you will also need chronic and routine health care to make sure that you are managing your condition appropriately. The best way to make sure that you get this is to find either a primary care doctor, such as a family practice doctor, who is comfortable managing the disease closely so that you can have the best outcomes. Alternatively, you could find a specialist, usually an endocrinologist, who will be specifically trained in the long and short term care of these patients. Additionally, there are countless excellent resources available on the internet as well as from your physician. When you do meet with your doctor, he or she will discuss how well your diabetes has been managed recently, and also what goals and treatment changes will be going forward. He or she will also coordinate appropriate consultation and utilization of other health care professionals and specialists as needed, such as a podiatrist or dietician. He or she will also coordinate additional preventive health measures that will arise as you age. With the help of your doctor and a long term outlook to improve your overall health, you can anticipate doing very well despite this new diagnosis of diabetes.

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