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"What do I need to do in preparation for my annual physical?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat do I need to do in preparation for my annual physical?


I am a 30 year old female and I do not have a history of medical problems.


The best advice I can give is to gather the information that your primary care physician would like to have in order to best assess your health and identify your risk factors for any diseases. This includes obtaining an accurate family history (i.e., knowing what type of cancer or heart disease may run in your family). Along this line, it is helpful to know approximately what age a relative was if he/she was diagnosed with a serious illness. Since you have been healthy, you don't need to worry about getting the details of your own health history, but it is helpful to know when your last few Pap smears have been done and what the results of those tests were. Additionally, it would be great if you could obtain your immunization records, as well as any lab tests or results from prior doctor's appointments. This may allow your doctor to avoid repeating any routine screening tests or immunizations that would be recommended otherwise.

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