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"Can I be prescribed birth control pills during an annual ob/ gyn check up?"

ZocdocAnswersCan I be prescribed birth control pills during an annual ob/ gyn check up?


I have booked an Ob/ Gyn annual check up and I would like to also renew my prescription for the pill. Do I need to book a separate appointment?


Yes, this is an entirely appropriate time to discuss birth control options with your ob/gyn doctor, and will likely be discussed even if you are not the one to initiate the conversation in that area. No, you do not need to book an extra appointment. The annual preventive health side of the OB/GYN visit will include many questions about your sexual activity, and one of the main topics of importance is what birth control methods you use. Additionally, the pap smear and breast exam are an important part of keeping you healthy in the long term by spotting problems early on, before they can grow to become larger issues. Preventive exams are especially important if you have a family history of breast cancer or have unique social circumstances that would place you at increased risk of long or short term illness. Excellent work on your part to arrange for your preventive health screening, and you should also know that OB/GYNs are considered primary care doctors. In other words, many women will direct the majority of their health questions to their OB/GYN rather than a family practice doctor, although it would also be appropriate to have a family practice doctor as well.

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