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"How do I know if I have caused scarring due to non-treatment or tweezing of ingrown hairs?"


I am 24 year old male with dark hair, skin looks light pink/red slightly different texture of the skin in certain areas.


If these areas of light pink or slightly different colored skin are surrounding the areas where you previously had (now healed) in grown hairs, then this sounds like it is a normal healing response of the skin during which pigment cells and blood vessels proliferation in the healing area. This leads to either skin that is darker in color (post inflammatory hyperpigmentation) or lighter in color (post inflammatory hypopigmentation) than the surrounding skin. Fortunately, these post inflammatory changes do tend to gradually go away over a period of weeks to months, and the skin tone will tend to even out.

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You should not need to treat this and, in fact, there is not real effective treatment other than waiting for the skin to even out on its own. Sometimes, tanning will help cases of post inflammatory hypopigmentation (lighter colored areas), but this is not predictable. In the future, it is helpful to avoid irritating these areas of skin by squeezing or picking at them. This is because the greater the degree of inflammation, the greater the chance of the post inflammatory color changes. If you have further questions about this or related issues, your dermatologist or primary care doctor will be happy to answer them.

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