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"To whom should a male go for an STI testing?"

ZocdocAnswersTo whom should a male go for an STI testing?


I want a complete STI testing and was unsure whether a male should consult a PCP or gynecologist.


Men can receive a sexually-transmitted infection screening from their primary care physician. For a complete screen, both blood and urine tests should be run. Blood tests can be used to screen for Hepatitis B and C, HIV and syphilis; urine tests can be used to screen for gonorrhea and chlamydia (no longer does this require swabs of the urethra). If you have recently had unprotected sex and are concerned that you may have contracted a STI, then you should inform your doctor at the start of your visit. He/she may want to perform additional testing to cover the possibility of a recent infection that may not show up on the standard routine screening tests. You can also discuss methods of safe sex and how to best reduce your chances of contracting a STI in the future.

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