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"Is there a limit to the number of divorce counseling sessions I can have?"

ZocdocAnswersIs there a limit to the number of divorce counseling sessions I can have?


How many divorce counseling sessions should I have if I'm not the one who wanted the divorce? Is there a limit? Should I see a psychiatrist?


All of these questions are things that you should discuss with your counselor, primary care doctor, and other confidants who know you well enough to understand the process that you are going through, as there is no perfect number of sessions for every person. The limiting number will have to do more with what you prefer and can afford than any other variables, although your counselor may recommend a certain number of visits depending on what he or she feels your needs are after an initial visit. During this time, it is important to have people around you that can validate your feelings and value as a person. After spending time with someone on such an intimate level as marriage, it can be very difficult to realize that that sense of identity and validation are going to be absent going forwards. Caring friends, ears, and voices on all sides will help you to cope as you move forward. Physical activity and exercise have been found on numerous moods to improve your sense of psychological well being and reduce stress, and they are obviously good for you in other ways as well. Please speak with your primary care doctor who can assess you for the possible need for the help of a psychiatrist.

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