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"Why causes dizziness while playing soccer?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy causes dizziness while playing soccer?


Hello. I'm a 30 year old soccer player and sometimes I get very dizzy on the field even though I drink a lot of water. Do you know why this is?


There are many causes of dizziness, which is why you will need to speak to a doctor to fully understand what is causing your specific symptoms. The balance mechanism in humans is a very delicate and complicated system involving your inner ear and a series of small semi-circular canals. When you turn your head, the fluid inside of these canals will shift and your body will sense the change in your position. While this can often lead to the sensation of dizziness if not perfectly calibrated, it is also important to clarify what you mean exactly by the word "dizziness," as many people may call the sensation of nearly passing out as being something similar to the medically different symptom of vertigo (which is the sensation that the world is spinning around you). If you find that your symptoms are recurring with the same motions and similar circumstances but these symptoms can be reproduced by moving your head, then it is possible that you have vertigo. Your doctor will be able to discuss your specific diagnosis in more detail, and provide treatment options, some of which are likely to be simple and very effective. Symptoms such as hearing loss in addition are even more concerning, and should be discussed as well.

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