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"Can heat exhaustion cause double vision?"

ZocdocAnswersCan heat exhaustion cause double vision?


My sons are on 8 sports teams in total. I attend most of their games. Sometimes I start seeing double when it's really hot. Is it the heat? I try to stay hyrdated, but I don't know.


It is possible that this is what is going on. Heat exhaustion occurs when the body becomes dehydrated and begins to decompensate due to loss of fluid and essential salts from sweating. The symptoms can include dizziness, blurred or double vision, racing heart and dry mouth among other symptoms. To avoid this you should definitely keep drinking and eating snacks while at your son's games. You may also want to try to stay out of the sun - either stand under a shelter structure or bring an umbrella with you. If you suffer from migraine, another possibility is that the heat and sunlight is provoking the start of a migraine, which could begin as changes in your vision. The most important thing to remember is that if you begin to experience serious dizziness, palpitations, "blacking out" or other significant symptoms these could be signs of very serious dehydration and you should immediately contact the medical staff at the sporting event so that you can be evaluated for signs of dehydration and potentially treated if that is necessary. You also may want to talk to your primary care doctor about this problem to see if they have any thoughts on how to prevent these episodes in the future.

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