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"Can surgery fix my child's ear deformity?"

ZocdocAnswersCan surgery fix my child's ear deformity?


My child was born with his ears sticking out and I want to get it fixed. Will surgery help?


There are definitely things that can be done surgically to help/correct this. Without being able to examine your child, there is no way that I can tell you exactly what procedure would be best for them, however I can give you some information on the main causes of protruding ears, and some of the basic concepts in addressing these problems. I definitely recommend having this same conversation with the surgeon that you choose to go with (assuming you choose to go forward with having your child's ears fixed). Starting with an otolaryngology surgeon (ears nose throat aka ENT) would be my recommendation. First of all patients with protruding ears can be broken down into 2 main categories: protruding ears because of an over projected conchal bowl, and protruding ears because of a lack of an anti-helix. There are definitely other causes, but these are the main ones. The conchal bowl is the "bowl" in the middle of your ear above the lobule. If this cartilage is significantly large, a wedge resection can be taken out to decrease projection. This is a fairly simple procedure. The helix of your ear is the rim that goes around the superior edge. The anti-helix is the cartilage fold underneath that rim. If that cartilage fold is absent, then the superior portion of the ear will have too much projection (the ears"stick out"). This can be fixed a number of ways, however the most common is with something called a Mustarde stitch that recreates the fold in the cartilage. I would definitely ask you ENT about these procedures and what they recommend. Best of luck.

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