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"Will otoplasty fix my funny looking ears?"


Hi. I am a 24 year old guy with big ears. They stick out a lot. I'm looking to get them fixed.


Yes, an otoplasty would be the appropriate procedure to pursue if you are looking for a cosmetic reduction of the protrusion of your ears or any other correction of the soft tissue on the outside of your ears. This can be performed, usually, by an ear-nose-and throat doctor (aka otolaryngologist) or some plastic surgeons who are comfortable with the procedure. It is generally very well tolerated and has excellent results.

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It is obviously a very delicate procedure, given the need for cosmetic balance, but most people are extremely pleased. Now that you have made the decision to proceed with the surgery, you will need to find a well regarded surgeon. He or she will often take before and after pictures so that you can see how much the appearance has improved due to the surgery. He or she will also review your past medical history and discuss your review of systems to see if there is any additional testing that should be performed prior to the surgery. After this has been completed, you will generally see the surgeon in follow up at least once, or more as needed. Your primary care doctor can likely refer you to an appropriately board certified and qualified surgeon.

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