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"Can hair care products with placenta and estrogen cause early puberty onset?"

ZocdocAnswersCan hair care products with placenta and estrogen cause early puberty onset?


My 10 year old girl seems to be hitting puberty already. Is it because of the hair products I use?


There definitely are case reports of small girls going into puberty early because of exposure to personal care products containing estrogens. Usually these are an estrogen cream that they get from their mothers. However, there are also cases of girls having premature puberty after exposure to the types of hair care products you describe. These types of products are never suitable in children, and you should discontinue their use. That being said, your 10 year old daughter may not be experiencing early puberty. In fact, the average age at which girls begin to have breast development is right around 10 years old. Menstruation tends to follow later, around 12 years on average. Depend on your ethnic background this could be even earlier; for example, African Americans tend to begin puberty earlier than girls of Caucasian background. So, in conclusion, I would definitely discontinue using the hair product but at the same time I think that your daughter's development (especially if it is just breast development) is probably normal. Nevertheless, it is always worthwhile to confirm this and have your concerns put to rest through a visit to see your daughter's primary pediatrician, who knows her overall health very well and is in a position to give advice.

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