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"Can eating disorders develop at any age?"

ZocdocAnswersCan eating disorders develop at any age?


I am 40 and male. I think I may have an eating disorder as I've been binge eating a lot. Can this happen to people in their 40s.


Eating disorders are more prevalent in certain age groups, but it is possible to develop a disorder at any age. Binge eating and an unhealthy or inappropriate behavior designed to lose weight more than 2 times a week for more than 3 months in a row can be classified as bulimia. While you don't mention any "purging" or other efforts to lose weight that are unrealistic, it is notable that you do feel that you have been binge eating. This often stems from feeling a loss of control, and there is often a family history of the disorder. Additionally, many patients with eating disorders will be anxious and have concerns and delusions about their body in general. For that reason, and the many pressures that are most pronounced on certain demographics, some groups have higher rates than others. More males, however, are being treated for eating disorders, although the cause of this is unknown. Please speak to your primary care doctor, psychiatrist, therapist, or other health care professional about your behavior so that you can seek a healthier life style. Eating disorders are a cry for help at any age, and there are many people who are available to hear and help.

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