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"What signs tell me it's time for an emergency dental visit?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat signs tell me it's time for an emergency dental visit?


My gums were bleeding and bleeding and then they stopped. I saw the dentist and he told me I should have come to him sooner. What other symptoms should I look for?


It sounds like may have a case of gingivitis. This is a condition in which the gumline where the teeth and the gums come together becomes inflamed and infected. Usually this occurs because of minimal brushing or flossing, allowing for bacteria and plaque to get down below the gumline and cause trouble. The best way to avoid gingivitis is to have regular dental checkups, every year, and cleanings. This will keep your teeth and gums from getting into this condition. In the meantime, make sure to follow closely your dentist's instructions for dealing with the gingivitis. It is important to get this cleared up, because if left go it can lead to severe tooth damage, tooth loss, and even other medical problems. In addition to persistent gum bleeding or pain, other symptoms you should report immediately to your dentist would include any significant pain in your teeth, any swelling, or any trouble chewing or opening your jaw. In addition, if you ever have significant tooth pain and suspicion for a tooth infection, you may need to involve your primary care doctor, as these can also cause infections that spread out of the teeth and can even cause body-wide infections.

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