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"What will be discussed at my ENT oncology follow up?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat will be discussed at my ENT oncology follow up?


Hello. I am a 28 year old woman and I'd like to know what to expect at my ENT oncology follow up.


Ear nose and throat doctors (aka otolaryngologists) are the specialists that will be managing your care if you happen to have cancer of your head and neck. Oncology indicates that your consultation will be addressing at least the possibility of cancer. This includes oral, sino-nasal, auditory, and other types of cancer that afflict this area of the body. Given that 28 years old is young for most types of cancer, your surgeon will want to discuss the risk factors that you have, whether that be genetic, social (such as tobacco, etc), infectious (as some viruses are now known to be involved in the development of some head and neck cancers), or other. Your surgeon will also want to know what symptoms you have been having, and how these have been affecting your every day life. Things such as changes in your voice, ability to chew or swallow, bleeding, pain, or even dizziness might all be relevant depending to some degree on the site affected. You can also anticipate that your surgeon will do a physical exam and possibly plan to extract a small tissue sample to obtain a pathologic diagnosis. Please discuss all of your concerns openly with your surgeon to achieve the best outcome, and take any relevant medical records or imaging to the appointment.

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