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"Will I find out about treatment at my ENT oncology follow up?"

ZocdocAnswersWill I find out about treatment at my ENT oncology follow up?


At my ENT consultation they told me I would find out more information at my follow up. What kind of information? How much more informatino do they have to give me?


While there is much anxiety whenever you are meeting with an oncologist of any type, it is useful to know that the initial visits are information gathering sessions on the part of the surgeon. Generally, the head and neck surgeon will need to have a tissue sample (which will then be reviewed by a pathologist under a microscope) or have some other reason to be very confident of a diagnosis before he or she will begin discussing treatment options and prognosis. For that reason, the first visit can sometimes be frustrating, since patients want answers and doctors don't have many to offer early on. If your doctor has obtained tissue via biopsy previously, then it is likely that he or she will discuss what was found at this next appointment, as well as what was found from any additional imaging, such as a CT scan, that might have been performed. All of this will have enabled him or her to be able to provide a diagnosis and then offer treatment options that will work best for you. All of this will obviously depend on what information he or she might have available, and what testing you have done thus far. Please discuss your concerns and questions with your surgeon.

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