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"Is erectile disfunction common in men over 40?"


Hello. I am a 42 year old male with erectile disfunction. I guess these things happen as we get older, but is it common? How can I treat it?


Erectile dysfunction is a very common medical condition that can have multiple causes. One question that is important to ask is whether or not you are still waking up with an erection. If the answer is no, then this is valuable for helping you to be healthy in other ways because it is one of the early signs that your arteries might not be as healthy as they need to be.

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Any sort of compromise of the blood supply to the blood vessels necessary for you to have an erection can be involved in erectile dysfunction. Given that the blood vessels of your genitalia are smaller than they are to parts of your heart, they can serve as early warning signs that you might have compromised blood vessels to other body parts. For this reason, as well as you overall well being in other areas, you should discuss your erectile dysfunction with your doctor. Poor control of other chronic medical conditions, such as diabetes, can also put you at risk for erectile dysfunction, and you should speak with your primary care doctor openly about any other symptoms that you might be having. There are, fortunately, many therapies including medications available for helping most causes of erectile dysfunction.

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