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"Is there a cure to Ewing's sarcoma?"


Hello, my child has Ewing's sarcome. He is 12 and I want to know if there's a cure. I want to get him the best help available.


I am so sorry to hear that your child has been diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma. I hope that, in addition to sharing the diagnosis with you and your child, the doctor who told you also took the time to talk about what you are going to do to overcome this disease and/or improve the quality of your son's life. Communication is vital at this point in treatment.

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The specific answer that you seek will need to come from a physician who is involved in the care of your son, and is aware of how far the cancer has progressed. In those with localized disease (that is, it has not spread beyond the original site of involvement), there is definitely a possibility of curing this disease. Those with widely metastatic disease (spread to involve areas other than where the cancer started) usually will have more difficulty with their treatment course and ultimate goal of beating the cancer. Either way, you will need a dedicated team of physicians who will be able to discuss all of your concerns and fears going into treatment. Often, large medical centers offer the most modern therapies and a team approach that involves multiple specialties to optimize the outcome of cancer patients.

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