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"Can comedo extraction treat acne?"


I am a 26 year old male with awful acne. Can comedo extraction treat it?


Comedo extraction should only be performed by a highly skilled medical professional, because there is always significant risk that it will cause more inflammation and scarring than it prevents. It is falling out of favor as a method for treating acne, because it does not treat the root problem of the acne, which is preventing the plugging over of pores with dead skin, bacteria, and other debris. The mainstay of treatment for acne is pore cleansing and reducing the accumulation of this debris.

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Milder cases can be managed with antibacterial soap and with a comedonolytic -containing acne product (such as benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid), which strips off the extra dead cells clogging the pores. These products are available over the counter. If they do not work, however, then it is time to try prescription methods, which can be obtained from your primary care doctor or dermatologist. First line prescription methods might include a prescription strength comedonolytic, antibiotic creams to keep inflammation down, and tretinoin cream, which helps turn over dead skin. It is very difficult to treat bad acne on your own. However, in collaboration with your doctors, many good products are available and you can get this under control!

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