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"What will I find out about blurry vision at my glaucoma consultation?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat will I find out about blurry vision at my glaucoma consultation?


I'm 58 and recently began experiencing blurry vision. What kind of information will they give me when I go in to see the doctor?


I am not sure if you are already carrying a diagnosis of glaucoma and this is a followup appointment with your eye doctor of if, instead, you just have blurry vision and you are going to your eye doctor for the first time to figure out why. This is important, because blurry vision can be caused by many things other than glaucoma, including cataracts, near sightedness, and diabetes. If this is a general eye consultation, then they eye doctor will ask you about all of these things and others as well and will perform a detailed examination of the eye, including screening for glaucoma. If glaucoma is diagnosed, then there are two different types of glaucoma, open angle and angle closure glaucoma. Angle closure glaucoma is the less common form but it is treated differently, because it tends to be caused in a significant number of cases by secondary things that need to be treated first, and also the treatment tends to involve a procedure to open up the blockage to flow of the fluid in the eye that is causing the glaucoma. Open angle glaucoma on the other hand is not causes by blockage to flow of fluid, and so treated tends to be focused on drops and medications to control the pressure in the eye.

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