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"What symptoms should I tell my doctor about at my glaucoma consultation?"


After my consultation I experienced worsening eye pain. I am a 50 year old woman. Is there anything else I should mention?


I am assuming that you have been diagnosed with glaucoma already. If you are experiencing eye pain, that suggest to me that you have angle closure glaucoma, because eye pain is not common with open angle glaucoma. Angle closure glaucoma can have acute worsening, which is characterized often by sudden worsening eye pain, visual changes such as blurry vision and seeing 'halos', headache, nausea and vomiting, and redness around the colored portion of the eye.

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All of these symptoms would be very concerning and would suggest an true eye emergency. So if you are having these symptoms, then you would need to go see your eye doctor or go to the emergency room for evaluation immediately. If on the other hand you have open angle glaucoma and are experiencing more of a eye irritation or vague discomfort rather than true eye pain, this could be just a side effect of the eyedrops your doctor has you using. You should mention these side effects to your doctor as soon as possible to see what they think but you should not discontinue the medications abruptly without talking first to the doctor. Start by talking to your eye doctor and if you are worried at all, go to the emergency room.

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