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"Could the pain in my joints be gout?"


All the signs are there. My big toe really hurts. My hips too. What are the other symptoms of gout? I'm seeing my doctor soon.


So sorry to hear that you are suffering from joint pain, whether it be gout or not. Traditionally, the big toe of either foot has been one of the primary areas where those who suffer from gout will begin to suffer from the symptoms, in which case it can also be called podagra. If it is truly gout, you may have a family member who also has the same diagnosis, and you might be prone to drink alcohol regularly (as people who drink alcohol are more likely to suffer from gout).

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While all of the reasons that people get gout are not known, those with gout will suffer from extreme pain (too sensitive even to brush with a blanket or sheet), warmth, and redness in one or a few joints. In addition to the big toe, the knee and ankle are common areas of concern. The hip is less commonly affected, and so it would be wise to follow up as you are planning with a physician to make sure that gout is the cause of your symptoms. Gout can recur, as it stems from too much uric acid in the body, which can be a recurrent problem for some people.

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