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"Is my big toe pain gout?"

ZocdocAnswersIs my big toe pain gout?


So I have big toe pain and ankle pain and knee pain. I think this could be gout. What can I do if it is?


It would be advisable for you to seek out the consultation of your primary care doctor. An accurate diagnosis at this time can help reduce the chances of a recurrence of the condition, whether it is gout or another type of process. Gout classically affects middle-aged and older men; about half the time the first presentation of gout involves inflammation of the joint connecting the big toe to the foot (called podagra). The joint will become swollen, red, hot and painful. These joints tend to be very sensitive even to light touch, such as with a bedsheet. Gout can also affect the other joints as well, including the ankle and knee. In the case that your knee is inflamed as well, and that your doctor believes there to be a collection of fluid inside the knee, it may be helpful to try to drain the knee and analyze the fluid to confirm the diagnosis of gout. In the case of gout, uric acid crystals will be seen in the fluid. If your doctor does diagnose you with gout, then you can talk about ways to get over the acute attack and reduce your chances of recurrence. Acute symptomatic relief can often be achieved with the use of non-steroidal medications such as Ibuprofen, colchicine, or oral steroids if needed. Long-term control often involves use of another type of medication (such as allopurinol) and lifestyle measures (such as cutting back on alcohol consumption).

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