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"Does group therapy work at drug rehab centers?"


I am 27 and entered drug rehab on my own choice. Will group therapy help?


First of all, I have to congratulate you on choosing to enter a drug rehab program. This is probably the single most important thing you could have done to ensure a healthy and safe future for yourself. Therapy work is a mainstay of drug rehab programs.

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Most programs will use a combination of group therapy and individual therapy. Both are effective in helping users stay clean. Group therapy is particularly helpful in some unique ways, because it allows you to establish relationships with other people who understand the issues you are facing and can support you through the process. This community of support is often a key component of success. Of course, group therapy is only one part of successfully drug rehabilitation treatment. It is also important to have excellent medical care to treat underlying mood disorders and other psychiatric problems. Additionally, it will be important to have good connections to your primary care doctor and your psychiatrist for when you leave the drug rehabilitation center. However, it sounds like you are making excellent choices here, and you should definitely participate fully in the group therapy sessions at your rehab center, as well as all other activities that they program for you.

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