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"Who needs gum surgery?"


My gums bleed every morning. This can't be normal. I am 27. Do I need gum surgery?


Bleeding gums are not usually a cause for gum surgery, and can usually be both explained and corrected in a very simple manner. Bleeding gums are, however, a sign that you need to see your dentist both for an explanation as well as for a cleaning and further tips to correct your problem. Many things could explain the bleeding that you are noticing.

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While you don't mention your oral hygiene habits, one of the most common reasons for bleeding gums is due to chronic inflammation of the gums themselves, which is usually due to inadequate or improper dental hygiene. It is recommended that people brush at least twice daily, and floss at least once daily between all teeth, using a soft bristled brush. It is also important to brush the gums themselves. It is also recommended that you see your dentist at least twice a year for preventive cleanings and xrays. If you have been doing all of this, then there are bleeding disorders that are common and usually do not affect your life to any great degree that are often the cause of gum bleeding. As there are other causes as well, the key is to speak with your dentist soon to help fix your problem and get a correct diagnosis.

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