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"What bad things could happen when I get my gum surgery?"


I am a 33 year old lady scheduled for gum surgery. Is there anything that could go wrong?


Gum surgery is performed by a specialized dental surgeon, known as a periodontist. It is generally performed for a couple different reasons. One of those would be severe gingivitis (inflammation and infections of the gums); here, something called a gingivectomy may be performed, which involves exposing the root of the affected teeth to clean out the infected material, followed by suturing the gums back in place.

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This procedure is usually well tolerated with minimal side effects, usually just some localized swelling, pain, and bleeding. There is a small risk of bacterial getting into the blood stream however, and so some doctors may want you to take antibiotics. Another less common procedure is gum grafting, which is used when the gums are so affected by gingivitis that they begin to shrink and expose the underlying tooth roots. Usually tissue from the roof of the mouth is graft onto the area to cover the exposed tooth roots. This procedure is more involved, and has a higher risk of bleeding and more significant pain and swelling. Additionally the graft has to be cared for closely, as there is a risk of unequal healing or dislodging of the sutures that hold it in place.

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