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"Will my anxiety be discussed at my gynecologic oncologist follow up?"


I have anxiety. What role will this play? I'm a 31 year old woman if that helps.


First of all, I am very sorry to hear that you are dealing with what sounds like a diagnosis of a gynecologic cancer. It can be very normal to have anxiety, depression, and other psychological symptoms when dealing with such a diagnosis and when going through treatment. These symptoms can be more pronounced if you already have a history of anxiety that predates the diagnosis of cancer.

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It is very important to have your anxiety addressed in the context of your treatment. You should definitely mention this history to your primary cancer doctor when you see them. If you have a psychiatrist, you should continue to see them throughout this treatment course for support and medications as needed. Additionally, your cancer doctor should be able to direct you to additional cancer specific support resources, such as support groups, therapy, social work, and counseling. For some patients with cancer, they prefer to talk about these issues with their primary care doctor as there is often a good long standing relationship there. That would also be an acceptable strategy for dealing with your anxiety; the important thing is just to make sure you feel you are getting access to the support and resources that you need.

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